Making your class Non-Copyable and Non-Assignable

I was working on removing Coverity defects. My product is written such that we do not do any copy and assignment of the C++ classes .
So Coverity starting giving errors of following kind.

CID 28711: Other violation (MISSING_ASSIGN) and CID 28711: Other violation (MISSING_COPY)

Solution to this problem was to add private copy constructor and private assignment operator.
But since I had more than 500 classes do edit. I wrote a two new classes NonCopyable and NonAssignable
and inherit all the problem classes from the same.

class NonCopyable 
    NonCopyable() {}
    ~NonCopyable() {}
    NonCopyable( const NonCopyable& );


class  NonAssignable
    NonAssignable() {}
    ~NonAssignable() {}
    const NonAssignable& operator=( const NonAssignable& );

If you want to make your class Non copyable inherit from NonCopyable and If you want to make your class Non assignable inherit from NonAssignable


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